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SPECIAL FORCE VR: INFINITY WAR is a tactical multiplayer, being developed for virtual reality head mounted displays. It combines VR’s realistic combat style and convenience with a high level of combat experience. Let’s become the best Special Forces by using firearms and throwing grenades like in real!

  •  Military VR Shooter, based on renowned ‘Special Force’ IP
  • PvP Competition: up to 8 players available
  • Game mode: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Demolition
  • Each character provides a variety of strategic plays through unique attributes and abilities
  • Supports bHaptics ‘Tactot'(haptic vest for torso)
  • Co-development with DragonFly

‘Space Block Buster’ is a game of targeting stages and defeating bosses, which level of difficulty increases gradually, with rackets and balls while traveling through a vast universe.  It provides a colorful and fun experience that is exclusive in VR, and players can even compete with others with each stage’s scores. Blocks have diverse forms and effects, and they appear with different patterns in every stage. Based on the rules of the breakout genre, it is reinterpreted into high-quality VR games by combining the ‘Bat and Ball’ game system which some may play while reminiscing brick-and-mortar games they used to play in arcades.

  • Single-player mode – 40 stages, 4 boss stages, and many more coming soon!
  • Challenge modes to get unlimited scores
  • Lots of items, rackets, and balls
  • Global leaderboards
  • Natively supports Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality HMD without the need of SteamVR
  • Supports mixed reality capture with LIV
  • Supports bHaptics Tactosy